A letter from the dr!
To whom it may concern, I have had the pleasure of working with Belly-n-Kicks® personal trainer and founder Erika Boom for the past two years. In our busy obstetrical practice, I have entrusted Erika with over fifty pregnant and postpartum patients whom she has counseled and trained in topics relating to nutrition and physical health.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology strongly encourages exercise throughout the woman's life, including pregnancy and postpartum. As many healthcare professionals can attest, this important time in a family's life many times has a deleterious impact on the mother's overall physical health. Pregnancy often leads to weight gain and subsequent declining physical health as new family responsibilities take priority over the mother's personal needs. Changes in lifestyle often do not include exercise and appropriate nutrition, and mothers are left to battle with a new heavier self. Implementing exercise and proper nutrition in a safe and controlled manner during and after pregnancy limits the unnecessary excessive weight gain, injects energy and stamina, allows flexibility with increased skeletal stability, decreases sciatic and lumbar pain, and promotes overall wellbeing. Erika does an exceptional job in monitoring and managing all of these complex variables while educating her clients in a way that makes them comfortable and motivated to lead healthy lifestyles.

I can state that, without question or exception, every patient whom I referred (who has volunteered their opinion) has returned with positive experiences and motivation to continue the program. The breadth of pregnant and postpartum patients whom I have referred includes those who are obese, diabetic, handicapped, sedentary, and athletes of all caliber. Belly-n-kicks® has managed many of my singleton and multiple pregnancies with the utmost professional care.

I strongly encourage you to consider referring your pregnant and postpartum patients to Belly-n-Kicks® to allow Erika and her staff to educate, motivate and personally train your patients in a clean, comfortable and professional manner. Healthy habits promote healthy lifestyles which, in turn, empowers your patients to enter a new chapter in their life. Belly-n-kicks® gives new mothers the confidence to continue giving priority to their own needs in the face of new and exciting responsibilities.